Prosecco diaries: October 2014

Some might think that once harvest is over, the grape grower and winemaker get to enjoy a quiet and restful period. Unfortunately, this is not the case. October is a month that often finds us working in the vineyards preparing the soil so that we can seed the cover crop.

This year, we weren’t able to till all the vineyards because the rain forced us to concentrate our efforts on the vineyards with “drier” soils. The only work that we were able to do in our Cornuda vineyard was to hoe and earth up the rows between the vines.

October also meant more harvest for us this year.

October 4 – The earth was indomitably hard. We worked the soil patiently and creatively and on this day, after a lot of hard work, we were happy with the results we obtained. Proud that we had “house broken” a growing site that hadn’t seemed to find its balance.

subsoil prosecco

October 6 – We went to Venice for a tasting where we showed our wines.

venice sunset

October 7 – We were still tired from our trip to Venice the day before but we picked right up again working the soil in the vineyards.

tractor soil vineyard italy

And that evening, we went back to Venice for another tasting.

wine tastings venice

October 10 – We always try to combine work and pleasure. So while we were hoeing the soil between the rows, we lit a fire and roasted chestnuts that we had gathered in our woods.

chestnuts roasting vineyard recipe italy

October 13 – We celebrated my father’s 61st birthday and the more than 40 harvests he’s worked. He’s the true backbone of Bele Casel.

happy birthday in italian

October 10 – We prepared the soil to be seeded. In this photo, you can see that the center of the row is darker than the rest. That’s vegetable compost that we had distributed a few days earlier.

vineyard prosecco asolo

As soon as the soil has been tilled, we seed it by hand (no machinery is used).

cover crop

October 19 – Our friends sent us some photos of themselves drinking Bele Casel. We were really proud to see these images and we posted them on our Facebook.

prosecco with friends

October 31 – We harvested our Rabbiosa grapes. It’s a historic variety of Asolo.

Luca Ferraro
grape grower and winemaker


Author: Bele Casel

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