Prosecco Diaries: November 2014

November is the month when we generally begin pruning.

November 4 – Fall has arrived in Monfumo, where we have our top vineyard. best vineyard prosecco

The old vines are losing their leaves as well. old vines fall

Just as we do every fall, we alternate between rainy days and clear skies as we take advantage of downtime to label the wine that we’ll ship to the U.S. mushroom cork wine sparkling

November 11 – Year’s end meeting with the Fraternity of Asolo-Montello winemakers. traditional costume winemaker italy

November 17 – We begin the day by tasting all the tanks to determine if the base wines for Prosecco are evolving correctly. As we imagined, the best tank is from our vineyard in Monfumo. winemaker famous prosecco

November 24 – We finally begin pruning. electric shears pruning vines

November 26 – We spent the morning studying a new type of “natural” container. I have to say that Clayver containers have been conceived and developed very intelligently. Maybe we’ll test them on our Rabbiosa during the next vintage. winemaking egg clayvey

November 27 – We purchased new electric shears that allow us to monitor how many cuttings we make in a day’s work. We’re talking about 8,000-10,000 cuttings in five hours. grape vine electric shearer

November 28 – We’re featured in the Corriere della Sera, one of Italy’s most important newspapers. best italian wine writer

November 30 – The Federation of Independent Italian Grape Growers holds its wine market. The general assembly on Sunday morning includes an impressive number of growers united in their cause and committed to changing the world of wine. fivi wine italy

Author: Bele Casel

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