Prosecco Diaries: December 2014

Days in December are spent either pruning or working in the cellar.

December 4 – A little gift before the holidays as approach 5,000 followers on Twitter.

italian winery twitter

December 11 – One of the first really cold days.

italian vineyard rose

December 12 – La Repubblica, another one of Italy’s most important newspapers, writes about ColFòndo.

articles about col fondo

December 14 – This year we had a regular Christmas tree but we also wanted to recreate a row of vines by hanging them from a wall in the cellar.

vineyard christmas tree

December 17 – We taste the Asolo Prosecco Brut before we bottle it. Our work — in the vineyard first and later in the cellar — is delivering impressive results. 6 gramms of residual sugar, taut and lively. Citron peel, mandarin orange. Rich flavor and serious drinkability.

golden bubbles prosecco champagne

December 20 – Some shepherds stop by to say hello in the vineyards. It’s an economic way cut the grasses and to fertilize your vineyards naturally! They’ll be back in the spring for another pass.

sheep in the vineyards

December 22 – We loaded another container with our wine bound for the Australian market.

prosecco australia

December 26 – The brut we bottled a few days ago seems to have golden bubbles.

prosecco glass

December 28 – We hang up our shears so that we can rest for a few days.

shears pruning italy vineyards


Here’s what was happening in December 2012.

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Author: Bele Casel

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