Thank you, thank you, thank you, from all of us here at Bele Casel.

best italian cook booksA few days ago, the mailman delivered a cook book called “Risparmia, Recupera, e Ricicla” (Save, Salvage, Recycle) in which the noted sommelier and author Adua Villa wrote a note about our ColFòndo.

With the arrival of this book, I was overcome with desire to re-read all the articles that have mentioned us. We are a very proud of our collection of clippings and we have great respect and fondness for all of our friends who have shared their interest and appreciation of what we do for a living.

For a family-run winery like ours, it’s really rewarding to read our name in important publications like these, from Repubblica to Panorama, from Corriere della Sera to Cucina Italiana and so many others.

What I’m trying to say is that so many friends have written about us, about our wines, and about the passion that we put into our work.

So, once again, please let us thank everyone who has helped get the word out to their readers about our wines.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from all of us here at Bele Casel.

Here’s what Adua had to say about our ColFòndo.

“Bele Casel

Prosecco Colfòndo

In Asolo, in the heart of Prosecco DOCG, there’s a winery that produces wines with the utmost respect for the land that makes their vines grow and with great wisdom in the winemaking process.

It’s Prosecco Colfòndo re-ferments in the bottle in a cool and dark place in their cellar.

This sparkling-wine method makes for a wine that constantly evolves and changes. Even its aromas and flavors change over time.

My advice is to delicately shake the bottle to mix the yeast in sediment with the wine. It’s a pairing experience that you won’t forget.”


Author: Bele Casel

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