Prosecco Diaries: January 2015

We split the month of January between work in the vineyards and days in the cellar getting the wines ready to ship to our purveyors.

It was a month where the temperatures had never been so rigid. Lows just under 0° C. and highs around 10-12°. The weather is leading us to believe that we are going to have a tough summer. But hopefully we are wrong.

January 5 – No long weekend and no rest of us. We are in a phase of a waning moon and so we need to work quickly to complete the deshooting of shoots that were previous cut with electric shears.

deshooting vines italy

Not even the cold mornings of the new year can stop us.

January 7 – We did have to take a break mid-morning to warm our freezing fingers by starting a small fire with dried leaves and stems.

fire in the vineyards

January 8 – The moon is still waning. More deshooting to do. We’re now working in the steepest part of the vineyard.

waning moon vineyards

We work as long as we possibly can until the sun disappears between the rocca in Cornuda.

January 9 – Great wines are made of small details and undivided attention. Light ages wine. That’s why we protect our bottles that would otherwise be exposed.

gout de lume
January 13 – A winter marked by temperatures that are not sufficiently rigid for this period doesn’t exactly reassure us.

flower crop cover vineyards


January 15 – We taste different vintages and different lots of our Colfòndo to understand how the wine has evolved over time. This is the only way we can improve and give our clients better and better quality.

does prosecco age

January 28 – The grasses we planted last fall are beginning to grow and they don’t seem to mind the early-morning frost.

early morning frost vineyard italy

Luca Ferraro


grape grower, winemaker


Author: Bele Casel

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