Past and Present. We’re still here.

Capsule prosecco bele casel

best foil wine capsule

A simple number that floods our minds with a thousand memories of a time when have labeling machine was a distant dream. Just as it was to have capsule machine. Glue, brush, and a specific drier. That’s how we used to package our bottles back then.

We’re still here. Back then 417 was our identification number. Today it’s 11,396. What does it mean? At the end of the 1970s, we were the four-hundred-seventeenth winery in Treviso province. Over the last forty years, the number of bottlers has grown exponentially in Treviso province alone.

A lot has changed since then. We’ve grown slowly and we’ve never been in a hurry. As our grandmother used to say, “never take a step that’s longer than your leg.” One of the things that has never changed and will never change: a never-ending quest to deliver quality and to always improve.

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