Grape growers and winemakers. Hands, minds, and hearts in the Asolo DOCG

Those who work with their hands are workers.
Those who work with their hands and minds are artisans.
Those who work with their hands, minds, and hearts are artists (ed. note: or winemakers).

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Our history

We live and work 12 hectares of organically farmed vineyards in the townships of Cornuda, Maser, and Monfumo in the Asolo DOCG. Our father has always refused to use chemical products that could change or ruin his wines. We apply the same principle in the vineyards because we believe that quality is borne out of respect for what nature has given us. “Our goal has always been to convey the soul of our land not through words but through the wholesomeness of our wines. And so we went back to the beginning, nothing more and nothing less.”

Our land

We live not far from one of Italy’s most beautiful townships, Asolo, a village nestled in the rocky hills just south of the Alps. It’s the perfect place for producing quality Proseccco. We work exclusively with hillside vineyards that lie between 250 and 400 meters a.s.l. Our hills jut out of the landscape as if they had exploded from the valley floor. Our Monfumo vineyard is the jewel of our estate thanks to its history, its exposure, and its old vines. The composition of the soils changes from vineyard to vineyard with one common denominator: The large quantity of organic substance. In Cornuda, the soil is red, deep, and rich in iron. In Monfumo and Maser, it’s grey and rich in limestone.


Author: Bele Casel

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