Prosecco Diaries: February 2015

We were able to get a lot of work done in the vineyards thanks to a February that wasn’t very rainy and more importantly not too cold.

The days are getting longer and we’re almost done pruning. In February, we finished the work to be done in our vineyards in Caerano, Cornuda, and Maser.

The only vineyard left to do is Monfumo. We’ll end with the icing on the cake, pruning away in the heart of Prosecco Asolo DOCG.

The work in the cellar is also going well. The base wines are being aged and are coming into focus. We’re beginning to provoke the second fermentation in our 2014 wines and we’re really happy with the results. We’ll write more on our progress in an upcoming post.

Like January, our February was divided between pruning in the vineyards and a lot of work in the cellar.

February 4 – We prepared the labeling machines to label an entire lot of Prosecco Extra Dry.

prosecco bottling machine

5 febbraio – Finalmente si vede un pò di neve nelle nostre vigne di Monfumo.

February 5 – We finally saw some snow in our Monfumo vineyards.

italy vineyards winter snow

February 7 – Bottling day.

bottling wine italy

February 8 – Two very important days for us. We took part in the Teatro del Vino tasting. Teatro del Vino is our Italian distributor.

wine fairs italy march

February 13 – We continued to prune under a faint, wintry sun.

italian pruning methods vineyards

February 14 – Valentine’s Day.

valentines day italy vineyards

February 18 – Because it was raining, we took refuge in the winery’s porticoes and prepared the stakes that will be used to replace the ones that broke last summer.

First, we remove the bark…

stakes vineyards training method

and then we make the notches.

chainsaw vineyards italy

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Author: Bele Casel

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