The amazing longevity of Prosecco Colfòndo

We recently came across this tasting note by musician Simone Liloni, who opened a “forgotten” bottle of Bele Casel Colfòndo that he had found tucked away in his refrigerator.

Asolo Prosecco DOCG Colfòndo by Bele Casel. It had been years since I last drank it. I had “forgotten” this bottle in the fridge in 2010. Complex and with notes of burnt toast and elderberry flower with a slightly bitter finish and great freshness [translated from the Italian].

Some would attribute Prosecco Colfòndo longevity to its lees (which are undisgorged): The lees are antioxidants that consume any oxygen. As a result, the wine stays extremely fresh, even over extended periods of time.

can prosecco age

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