Prosecco Diaries: March 2015

During the month of March, we finally finished pruning in our Maser and Cornuda vineyards. Then it was time for Monfumo…

March 8 – Women’s Day. An “alternative” bouquet made of flowers from the cover crop in part of Cornuda vineyard.

flowers international womens day

March 12 – Monfumo vineyard. Vines and canes fastened with ties.

trellis system prosecco italy tying poles

italian trellis vineyard training

March 13 – We begin removing the pruned canes from the vineyards.

pruning vineyards prosecco italy

luca ferraro winemaker prosecco

March 14 – A view of the hills of Monfumo.

morainic hills

March 22-25 – Vinitaly in the FIVI pavilion. This year, we abandoned our own stand so that we could be part of the Italian Federation of Independent Grape Growers (FIVI) pavilion. Sometimes, gambles can really pay off.

fivi stand vinitaly

March 28 – The sun shines down on the Monfumo vineyard.

monfumo vineyard best asolo prosecco

Last Saturday, we spent the evening racking the wine.

stainless steel tank winemaking

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Author: Bele Casel

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