Prosecco Diaries: May 2015

May was a month rich with events and rewards. Everything is moving forward smoothly in the vineyards.

It’s been a relatively easy month in terms of the health of the vines. The weather is ideal with the right amount of rain. Moderate temperatures have made for healthy vegetative development without creating problems of rot.

May 3 – We received stakes made from chestnuts trees. We’ll use them in our Monfumo vineyard.

pali di castagno per vigneto

May 7 – Our ColFòndo appeared in the magazine Natural Style in an article by Adua Villa.


May 8 – A Glera bunch.


May 9 – We debuted the Prosecco ColFòndo “30 Months” (on the lees) at the Asolo Wine Tasting and dinner.


May 10 – Asolo Wine Tasting. We presented our new Prosecco Extra Brut at the festival.


May 18 – Slopes in Monfumo.

pendenze in vigna. Asolo docg Monfumo

May 19 – Flowering should occur soon.


May 21 – Flowering has begun.


May 23 – Biodiversity.


fiori e bombi nella vigna di galera

Here’s what was going on in the vineyards in May 2014.

Author: Bele Casel

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