Bele Casel in Los Angeles: A favorite natural wine shop and top Italian restaurant

What a thrill to see our wine in the Los Angeles Times!

Our wines appear in image published together with an article by restaurant critic and wine writer Irene Virbila on the leading sommeliers in the city.

Click here for the article (and see the screen shot below).

There are number of venues in Los Angeles that serve our wines but the one featured in this piece was Sotto, a restaurant that specializes in Southern Italian food and wine “with the occasional northern Italian bottle,” like our ColFòndo, which is served by the glass.

If you’re looking for Bele Casel to purchase from a wine shop, look no further than Lou in Los Feliz.

Lou Amdur is a pioneering advocate of natural wine in the U.S. and he has shaped the palates of a new generation of wine lovers in the City of the Angeles. And he is the NICEST guy.

That’s his shop in the featured image above.

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