Prosecco Diaries: July 2015

We will remember July as one of the hottest and most dry months in recent years.

Temperatures reached up to 40° C. and even at night, there was little relief. The heatwave that arrived from Africa during July lasted through mid-August.

Our vineyards did alright thanks in part to the work that we had in the spring: We had made a selection of all the buds and we had reduced the quantity of bunches per vine.

The vineyard that suffered the most was Monfumo, where we were forced to transport water by truck to irrigate it.

irrigazione di soccorso vigneto

We slowed the pace of the vines by delaying the trimming of the canopy. This kept the sun from beating down directly on the bunches and lowering the levels of acidity in the fruit.

We also decided not to mow the grasses between the rows. This kept the ground covered and protected from the sun and thus it retained its moisture better.

We also stopped spraying the vineyards with copper and we only sprayed once with vaporized sulfur around July 20.

The Glera grapes were healthy and beautiful. The vintage didn’t request much effort in terms of spraying and we managed to get by using only half the amount of copper allowed in organic grape growing.

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Author: Bele Casel

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