You say Durella, I say Rabiosa

Earlier this week, the Ferraro family completed the 2015 harvest with the picking of their Rabiosa grapes.

Check out this super cool Facebook album that Paola made with photos from the harvest.

Rabiosa is grown in a number of places in the Veneto, including Prosecco country where it is sometimes written with two b’s, Rabbiosa.

But Rabiosa also has many other names, depending on where it is cultivated.

The most common name is Durella but it can also be called Cagnina, Duracino, Durella bianca, Durello, Durelo, Durola bianca, Rabbiosa, Rabiosa, Rabiosa di Asolo, or Raboso Piava.

Source: Wikipedia.

Rabiosa is the last grape variety that the Ferraro family — like other grape growers in Asolo — harvest because its acidity levels are so high that it needs more time on the vine than most grape varieties used in the production of sparkling wines.

Monti Lessini Durello DOC in Lessinia at the foot of the alps in Verona province is the most famous of the appellations where Durella is vinified.

In Monti Lessini, they make still, sparkling, and sweet dried-grape wines from Durella. But the sparkling wine is the most well known.

They also grow some Durella in Emilia-Romagna where it can be used in the production of Lambrusco.

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