The Story of Bele Casel in a video by Vino Diretto

The story of Bele Casel

The story of Bele Casel began when our grandfather Ilario decided to give his little vineyard to mum and dad. The winery, which you definitely wouldn’t have called like that, actually was a simple room where they used to label and bottle by night after work or during the weekend. The only wine they produced was ColFondo (here an interesting post where we explain how ColFondo is made) that was put in our granmother’s living room in order to let the second fermentation start.

Bele Casel, today

Things have changed and today the whole family is working in the business. We produce four Proseccos:  ColFondo, the Extra Brut, the Extra Dry e the Dry. The difference between these wines is in terms of, apart from the residual sugar levels, origin. Every wine has its own story and its origin. Everyone of our vineyards on the hills has well defined characteristics that identifies our wines.

Thank you to Vino Diretto for having realised this video that sums up what we were and what we are.


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  1. Vino Diretto on 1 December 2015 at 23:58 Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful time we spent together! 🙂


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