Prosecco Diaries September 2015: Accelerated Growing Cycle

We typically spend the month of September in the vineyards picking the grapes and in the cellar pressing them. This year, because of a very accelerated growing cycle, we spent just the first half the month carrying out the toughest work of the year in its entirety.

The 2015 vintage was very different than usual. The grapes ripened very quickly and so the traditional rhythm for harvest didn’t apply this year.

But we were able to devote more time than we expected to working the soil and planting seeds for our cover crops. This year we changed the mixture to give more “food” to our vineyards, which had been dieting for all these years and needed to be re-integrated.

This is the reason that we used manure in the most “lean” parts of the vineyard instead of vegetal compost.

Now the ball is in our father’s court. He’s the one who has to handle the winemaking process as accurately as possible. Fermentation and racking are a crucial part of our work. Even the slightest oversight can ruin the whole year’s work in the vineyard. The many hours you have to spend in the cellar and the fatigue can play ugly tricks. But our father’s experience reassures us thanks to the more than 40 vintages he has under his belt.

September 2: We pick the vineyard with the steepest slope, Monfumo, of course.
It’s also the vineyard with the oldest vines.

trattore in vigna

It’s not easy to carry 20 kg crates around all day, especially on a hot day like this one.
Here’s the video.

vendemmia a cassette

September 4: We continue to spend the entire night working the press.


September 5: All of the wines are racked to eliminate the bigger solids.

cantina, travasi, fermentazioni

September 14: A late hailstorm fortunately arrived after we had finished picking.


September 25: The last day of the harvest when we picked the Rabbiosa.

durella durello rabiosa rabbiosa

Author: Bele Casel

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