Tacos and Prosecco, a fantastic pairing of two cultures

Tacos and Prosecco, a pairing that stretches from one corner of the world to another.

Our blogmaster loves pairing tacos and our Prosecco.

One of things that I get asked all the time is what should you pair with Prosecco?

Even though Prosecco is often paired with desserts and sweets in the U.S., it’s really not the greatest marriage of flavors and aromas. In fact, wine in generally doesn’t go well with sweet dishes because the sugar in the dish overwhelms and upsets the balance of sweet, savory, and acidity in the wine.

In the Veneto, Prosecco — even Prosecco with higher amounts of residual sugar — is traditionally paired with very salt foods. The most classic pairing is cicchetti, the tapas of Venice, which can vary greatly in their ingredients but are generally focused on salt-cured fish, pickled fish, fried fish, and other salty foods. Another classic pairing is baccalà or salt cod, again a very salty food.

Inspired by this tradition and the maxim that if it grows with it, it goes with it, I have been repeatedly rewarded by my pairings of Mexican food (from my native California and adoptive Texas) with Prosecco. And in fact, the sweetness of a dry or extra dry Prosecco actually works really well with traditional tacos. It makes sense: Mexicans like traditionally pair tacos with horchata, the sweet rice- and almond-based drink.

No matter what the filling for the tacos — whether simple cheese and avocados, like the ones pictured above — or grilled fish or shrimp or lobster, I’ve always found that the intense saltiness of the fillings and the spiciness of the salsas used to dress tacos work extremely well with Prosecco. I believe this is because the gentle sweetness of classic Prosecco helps to balance both the salt and the heat in Mexican food.

But even a very dry Prosecco, like a Prosecco Colfòndo (col fondo) or extra brut, can work well. If the wine has been made in a traditional manner, the classic grapefruit note and the delicately bitter character play harmony to the classic flavors of Mexican food.

Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Jeremy Parzen

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