Pruning in the winter. Prosecco Diaries December 2015

Pruning and vineyard work in December.

This year we began with our vineyard in Monfumo. Generally, we save that parcel for last because it’s the coldest part of our appellation and it’s the most likely to freeze.

But this year we had spread composted manure there already. And the dry soil made it possible to move through the vineyard with a small bulldozer in order to “facilitate” our work.

It took three persons to prune the whole vineyard in four days. Had this been a vineyard on the valley floor, it would have taken us half a day.

December 2: Again this year, we will make our rooted Glera cuttings using wood from the old vines in Monfumo.

barbatelle glera

December 4: We spent two days in the Langa hills of Piedmont and we stopped to take a look at a parcel that had just been tilled. It was great to discover the soil in Serralunga d’Alba is identical to that in Monfumo. The former is one of the great crus of Barolo, the latter is one of the great crus of Asolo Prosecco.

terreno barolo

December 7: This is the type of day that reminds of the differences between the hilltops and the valley floor. Dry and humid air in the lowest part. Dry and higher temperatures in the higher part of the vineyard.

vigna monfumo

December 12: A winning pairing!

ferrari colfondo

December 18: We begin spreading manure in the vineyard in Monfumo using a bulldozer. Then we finish our by hand using a pitchfork.

motocarriola vigna

December 19: We teach the children about the importance of the land.

terra monfumo

December 28: A frozen good morning! But we continue pruning nonetheless.


The same day: Fog on the valley floor, sun and ice in the hills.



Author: Bele Casel

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