Prosecco Diaries January: brusar a vècia!

asolo hills

Brusar a vècia, a classic tradition of winter in the Veneto.

Luckily, the warm temperatures of early 2016 began to come down. The weather factor is very important during the budding of the vines. The hotter it is, the faster the buds swell up. And that’s a big problem because a lot of time is needed to complete pruning.

gala asolo

January 3 – What’s the best way to start 2016 off right?
Asolo Matinée a gala event that brings a little bit of Vienna to Asolo.

After the show, a toast with our Extra Dry.

pan e vin

January 5 – Just like every year, it’s traditional to “brusar a vècia,” in other words, “burn the old lady at the stake.” You don’t actually burn an old lady but you do make a bonfire and then make predictions about the harvest according to the direction of the flames and the smoke.

“Se ‘l fumo va verso sera (if the smokes moves toward the sunset)
tanta poénta s ‘a calièra! (there will be plenty of polenta [food] in the pot = the harvest will be bountiful)
Se ‘l fumo va a matìna (if the smoke moves toward the sunrise)
ciote el saco e va a farina!” (go get your sack and harvest some flour = the harvest won’t be one of the best)

colli asolani

January 15 – The hills of Asolo illuminated by the morning light.

gemme glera

January 15 – That film on the buds seems to indicate the bud break is close. This is worrisome.

prosecco winter fancy food sf

January 18 – We are showing our wines together with others from the Italian Federation of Independent Grape Growers (FIVI) at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 in San Francisco.

temperature potatura

January 19 – Now we can really get to work. Pruning at 6° below zero strengthens your body and your mind. Too bad the thermometer was below zero for just a few days!

potatura pausa

January 19 – This is the only way to warm your fingers when they are frozen!

prosecco quotidiano

January 21 – Great to see coverage of Bele Casel in the local papers.

vecchi grappoli

January 25 – Old bunches.


January 27 – Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s a grape grower’s spoon!

Author: Bele Casel

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