Prosecco Diaries February 2016: Pruning in extreme conditions is tough work

sunset asolo

Pruning in the vineyards in the cold, wet month of February.

February was an unusual month, alternating between spring temperatures and humid, cold days.

The buds continue to fatten up and they make us pruners a little worried.

Our work proceeds rapidly. We’re devoting all of our time to pruning and making the arched canes. Our whole family is busy working in the vineyards.

February 2 – We begin each day by sharpening our shears with a blade so that we can make clean cuts and go easy on our wrists.

forbice vignaiolo

February 4 – A funny thing: The left glove pulls away the shoots and is getting worn through; the right glove holds the shears and remains intact.

guanti vignaiolo

February 5 — Our Colfòndo in San Francisco at Biondivino

colfondo san francisco

February 19 – The first meeting with our Wine Brother Mirco and Samantha in our Monfumo vineyard. Thank you, Grazie The Winefathers!

winefathers monfumo

February 24 – Prosecco Extra Dry heading to the U.S.A.

prosecco usa

February 25 – Asolo Prosecco DOCG Superiore was featured on the local news broadcast.

bele casel rai

Feburary 26 – It’s so damp that you can feel it in your bones.


The air is cold, too. There is light rain and our hands are frozen. We dry our gloves over the fire and we drink a little bit of hot tea to warm our bodies and souls.

potatura break

Author: Bele Casel

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