Sopressa, the classic salami of the Veneto

sopressa salami recipe

Sopressa, one of the classic salamis of the Veneto and one of our favorites!

Sopressa is a classic aged salami of the Veneto (our region) that is made with pork, pork lard, salt, and pepper and sometimes other spices (depending on the culinary tradition and local variations).

Sopressa Vicentina, in other words, sopressa from the province of Vicenza, has actually been awarded DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) status by the European Union (in English, PDO or Protected Designation of Origin).

It’s a type of salami that can be made only by artisanal salami makers. And the DOP and the Consorzio di Tutela della Soprèssa Vicentina D.O.P (Consortium for the Safeguarding of Sopressa Vicentina) actually recognizes only four local producers of this type of salami. Unfortunately, because it is so popular among locals here in the Veneto, many commercial producers of charcuterie misleadingly label their salamis as sopressa even though they are not made according to the strict regulations of the DOP.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t many families, including farmers and winemakers, who make their own for eating at home (as long as you don’t sell it or advertise it as sopressa, it’s totally legal to make and eat at home).

Every year when the Bele Casel winery attends the Italian wine trade fair (Vinitaly, held each spring in Verona), the Ferraro family brings a salami with them to the event. During the long days of the fair, you barely have time to eat and so a slice of sopressa and a slice of breads, washed down with a glass of Bele Casel Prosecco Colfòndo, really hits the spot.

But it’s also something that they love to share with the scores of people that visit each to day to taste the new vintages and catch up. This year, the stand was so popular that the sopressa they brought the first day barely was enough! Luckily they commute to the fair and so were able to bring another for the next day.

Sopressa is just one of those great traditions of Italian gastronomy and hospitality. And it just takes SO GOOD! Especially after a long day of tasting and chatting with friends and colleagues at Vinitaly!

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