Prosecco Diaries March 2016: New stakes for the vineyards

This year, unlike last year, we finished pruning early. And so we concentrated on other work we needed to do in the vineyards, like the replacement of dead vines, replacement of broken or crooked stakes, and work on the trellises.

In terms of the swelling up of the buds, we definitely late with respect to 2014 (roughly 10-15 days later) and 2015 (just a couple of days).

March 3 – A new project is underway. In a few months, we will have a new head stake for our vineyards that is truly unique.

palo testata vigna prosecco

March 3 – The skies are ablaze!

luci asolo docg

March 11 – Is there anything more beautiful to see that flowers that bloom between the rows?

monfumo fiori

March 15 – Planting vines in our vineyards in Cornuda.

pianto vite prosecco

March 15 – The first signs of spring in Monfumo.

primule asolo docg

March 16 – With the backdrop of Mount Grappa (a mountain that holds a sacred place in Italian history), the famous Canova Temple (located in Passagno, designed in the early 19th century by the famous sculptor Antonio Canova) and our super Cinquecento.

fiat 500

March 21 – They say that the grape grower’s master is the sky. We head home because of a sudden and unexpected rainstorm.

vita da vignaioli

March 23 – Our work in the vineyard continues. We have finished replacing the head stakes with stakes taken from our woods.

pali testata

March 24 – New life in the Asolo DOCG.

nuova vita asolo docg

March 29 – The vines don’t really care about our worries and our fears. They continue to follow the rhythms of nature. The vines have been working for us for millennia. All they ask in return is a little bit of respect.

gemme asolo docg

Author: Bele Casel

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