Flowering in the vineyards has begun!

Flowering has begun in Asolo and that means the clock is ticking.

Luca Ferraro, winemaker and grape grower for the Bele Casel winery and vineyards, just posted this photo of a grape vine on the Bele Casel Facebook.

If you look closely, you can see the little flowers of the vine beginning to emerge.

This is an extremely important moment in the vegetative cycle of the grape vine.

In early spring, the first phase is budding. When the first flower buds begin to appear.

Then comes the flowering, as in the photo above.

Once this stage has occurred, the clock really starts ticking. Soon, it will be followed by fruit set, in other words, the moment when the seeds begin to form and the fruit begins to take shape around the seeds to protect it.

With the onset of flowering, Luca predicts that the harvest will happen in the first ten days of September.

That’s a good thing.

The grapes need to ripen properly and slowly. But if they take too long to ripen, the grape grower runs the risk that they will be affected (negatively) by fall rains and possibly even cool temperatures of fall.

From this point onward, Luca will be looking very, very carefully at the summer temperatures and he will hope for just enough summer rain to give the plants ample water without cooling temperatures. A cool summer is exactly the thing that could prolong the ripening until the later part of the fall. And while that doesn’t guarantee disaster, it does create ample risk for the grape grower.

From this point onward, we will be following the plants’ and the grapes’ development very closely and we will be keeping our fingers crossed for Luca and the Bele Casel winery!

Stay tuned for more updates on the development as the summer progresses.

And happy Memorial Day to all of our friends in America!

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