Sushi and Japanese food work better with Prosecco Colfòndo than you might think!

Sushi is traditionally paired with tea, sake, or beer. But Prosecco Colfòndo works great, too!

We recently sat down to a bento box lunch at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in the United States, a small but very famous destination for Japanese cuisine in Los Angeles, California.

And we were reminded of how well Prosecco Colfòndo pairs with classic Japanese foods and dishes.

Sushi and sashimi are actually very rich things to eat and have a lot of delicious, salty fattiness.

But that’s the spot where Prosecco Colfòndo comes in and shines: The gentle tannin imparted by the lees aging in Prosecco Colfòndo gives the ideal balance to the marriage of the wine and the food. We could feel the crunchiness of the wine slice through the fatty tuna belly in our mouths.

The other thing that makes Prosecco Colfòndo so great for a pairing like this is the fact that the wine tends to be very, very salty.

Whether the tangy saltiness of the Teriyaki beef (in the bento box pictured above) or the ocean water flavors of the raw and expertly sliced fish, the Prosecco Colfòndo and its intense minerality played beautiful counterpart to all the foods on the table.

But perhaps the most important thing about the pairing was the freshness and bright citrus flavor in the wine. Where a wine like a great Sauvignon Blanc would have also worked well here thanks to its freshness and bright fruit, it would not have had the backbone of saltiness and gentle tannin that the Prosecco Colfòndo brings — quite literally! — to the table.

So the next time you are out for Japanese cuisine, ask your server if they have a Prosecco Colfòndo and see how well the pairing works for yourself. You might be surprised at how many Japanese restaurants carry our wines in California and Hawaii where Japanese cuisine is extremely popular.

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