Social media: “Luca Ferraro is a tireless communicator”

The following is an excerpt of American wine writer Joel Mack’s recent article on the use of social media as a marketing tool by Italian winemakers (“Going ‘Live’ in the Vineyard with Two of Italy’s Tech Savvy Wine Producers”). It appeared yesterday in the highly popular journal L’Italo-Americano. It’s not yet available online but Joel was kind enough to share a PDF of this excellent piece (highly recommended for anyone interested in web-based wine marketing). Click here for the PDF. That’s Joel in the photo above (via his Facebook).

“Grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro of Bele Casel is a producer of DOCG Asolo Prosecco. Luca has been a tireless communicator whose posts on social media and his website are, effectively, a diary of producer life in the Colli Asolani of Italy’s Veneto. In following Luca of Bele Casel, again, let’s say, on Facebook, ‘friends’ have an opportunity to witness a fascinating, seasonal cycle of chores and goings-on in the vineyard. Using social media tools and techniques, Luca shares with readers how he and his team tackle erosion control on the property or, through the use of video, how he handles a pair of pruning shears, with the same deftness as a cowboy handles a pistol, to prune back grapevines in the winter vineyard. And it’s not all wines and vines, either. For example, whether it is the rather touching occasion of chicks being born in the vineyard – a good sign of healthy biodiversity – or an update on local vineyard weather conditions, Luca manages to capture and share a 360 degree view of his world with readers. Although Beconcini and Bele Casel wineries grow different grapes, make different wines, and operate in different parts of Italy, they are linked by a common thread of sorts: both producers engage their social media followers with an inviting spirit, extending a ‘part of the family’ kind of virtual hospitality, and are willing to share their humanness and a bit of life with genuine transparency. The invitation to ‘join’ them as they carry out their seasonal work as farmers and wine producers could be improved upon only, perhaps, by traveling to the wineries.”

Click here for the complete article (highly recommended).

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