Carbonaz and hard work in the vineyard: Prosecco Diaries, April 2016

This year we decided to change the type of soil improvement that we use. Instead of vegetal compost, we are using aged manure. We’ve had the impression that despite our better efforts to keep the soil not too compact, it keeps getting hard. That’s why we decided to use manure under the rows so that it will help keep the soil soft and loose.

April 4 – It seems like the first leaves sprout from one minute to the next while you’re not paying attention.

foglie asolo docg

April 5 – Shovel, sweat, fatigue. Substitution of grafted cuttings in Monfumo.

viti monfumo

April 6 – Early morning views from our Monfumo vineyard.

panorama monfumo

April 6 – A short video to explain the work we do in the vineyards: Manure, plow, hoe, and a small earth mover.

April 8 – Some old grape grower friends.

vignaioli docg

April 10 – On to Vinitaly!

Vinitaly fivi

… starting out right with some good friends.

jeremy parzen adua villa

April 16 – The best thing in the world: Showing one of our importers our appellation by mountain bike for four days straight!

haw river bele casel

April 19 – Grape bunches in Asolo.

grappoli asolo docg

April 21 – The first time we cut the grass in our Monfum vineyard. No need to go to the gym today!

no gliphosate

April 26 – Biodiversity. In our dialect, this is called a carbonaz (a black whip snake).


April 28 – The definition of “Osteria.”

osteria veneta

Author: Bele Casel

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