Happy American Father’s Day, dad!

Father’s Day in Italy is celebrated on March 19. In America it’s celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

No matter where or when Father’s Day is celebrated, we are always grateful to and for our dad, Danilo Ferraro (in the photo above, second from right).

After completing his degree in enology, he was the one who founded our winery back in the 1980s and created our family’s business and legacy in the wine industry. Early on, he recognized that Prosecco was going to become one of the most important wines to be produced in and exported from Italy. And his vision for our family-owned and operated company took shape at a time when few could predict how popular Prosecco would ultimately become here in Italy and in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Today, the company he founded provides steady work and income for our entire family and there’s no end to the shared future we have together.

But beyond this incredible vision and foresight, it is his ability as winemaker and a taster that has given us this invaluable opportunity. His skills in the vineyard and cellar are revered by his peers (and by us!) and every day he teaches us how to better grow and vinify our wines.

And without his memory of how Prosecco was produced in the era before the Prosecco boom, we would never have been able to produce our Prosecco Colfòndo, which quickly became one of our best-selling and most critically acclaimed products.

Technical ability is a big part of what our dad Danilo brings to the equation. But his ability as a taster is fundamental to the success of our winery. A lot of people don’t realize that this is especially true when it comes to Prosecco. A Prosecco producer needs need to envision the wine before it’s even made because your evaluation will determine so many factors that go into the process. With other wines, you have many opportunities to help the wine evolve over the course of its life (when you rack, when you sulfur, when you blend, when you bottle etc.). But with Prosecco you need to “taste” the wine before it’s even made.

We simply couldn’t do it without our dad Danilo and his unique experience and ability as a winemaker.

Happy American Father’s day, dad! We love and appreciate you so much that we need to celebrate twice a year!

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