Civiltà del Bere features Paola as a top young wine professional

Civiltà del Bere, one of Italy’s leading wine-focused mastheads, included Paola Ferraro of Bele Casel in an article entitled, “La Meglio (Eno)gioventù,” featuring young people working in Italian wine today.

The title of the article comes from a collection of poems by twentieth-century writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini, “La meglio gioventù.” In English-language versions of Pasolini’s work, the title has been translated into English as “the best of youth.” The editors of Civiltà del Bere make a play on words by changing the title slightly to “the best of ‘wine’ youth” or “the best young people working in wine” today.

We couldn’t have been more proud to see Paola featured in an article like this.

Here’s the translation from the Italian.

Bele Casel is a benchmark for Prosecco lovers thanks in no small part to its Colfòndo label, an extra brut Prosecco that has been refermented in the bottle.

“We are big believers of the Asolo DOCG,” says Paola Ferraro, who was born in 1988 and is the third generation of this winery. She and her older brother Luca both play a hands-on role in the appellation’s consortium, which has asked a group of young producers to implement a number of projects, including a new consortium label and wine.

“Luca got his degree in viticulture and enology and he is the winery’s vineyard manager. I studied languages and I often travel abroad to promote and sell our wines.”

“But all of us do a little bit of everything at the winery, from the work in the vineyards to the labeling of the wines. Our winery is a family-owned and run business and we all work in every aspect of the production process.”

The estate produces roughly 150,000 bottles and its organic certification process was completed in 2014.

Three years ago, the winery purchased an extraordinary vineyard site in the hamlet of Monfumo, a hectare of Glera grapes with vines that are a hundred years old.

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