California and Hawaii sun, excessive rainfall back home. Prosecco Diaries May 2016

colfondo bele casel hawaii

California and Hawaii were so welcoming during our May visits. Excessive rainfall back home was worrisome.

May is the month of flowering, a very delicate period for the grape grower that forces us to keep our guard up high and spend many hours in the vineyards to make sure that everything is proceeding correctly. Having rot in the vineyards during this period is a gamble that Glera grapes can’t afford. We could risk having significant damage on the grape bunches. 255 milliliters of rain fell during this year in May. That’s a lot for this time of year.

May 2 – Serving and storing temperature is so important. That’s why we believe that the choice of the right wine fridge is essential.

prosecco asolo temperatura

May 4 – Today we realized that it wasn’t the right moment to use our we torcher. The hay from the manure we spread last fall could be very dangerous.

pirodiserbio vigna bio

May 9 – From left, clockwise: Glera, Marzemina Bianca, and Rabbiosa.

glera rabbiosa

May 16 – A tasting on the Island of the Roses (Isola delle Rose) in Venice.

isola delle rose venezia

At the same time, we were also in California for the beginning of a wine tasting tour. First stop was a tasting at the Italian-American museum in San Francisco.

bele casel san francisco

And then we went to Biondivino, one of our favorite wine shops anywhere in the world.

bele casel biondivino

May 20 – Lunch Valentino Santa Monica. We had the honor of meeting Piero Selvaggio, the man who changed Italian cuisine in the United States. Here’s a perfect pairing: Our Extra Brut with fried zucchini blossoms, cheese, and balsamic vinegar.

valentino santa monica

Then we went to Sotto to say hello to Christine Veys, the restaurant’s sommelier and general manager. They serve our ColFondo by the glass.

colfondo los angeles

And we had dinner at a restaurant called Pistola, where our Extra Dry is served by the glass from magnums.

bele casel los angeles

May 23 – The first day of our tastings in Hawaii in Honolulu. How could we not wear a necklace of orchids? It’s called a lei.

bele casel hawaii

Dinner at The Pig and the Lady. Andrew Le, the chef did such a great job pairing our wines with really interesting dishes.

bele casel extra dry hawaii

May 24 – Then we headed to Kauai, another one of the Hawaiian islands where we did a seminar and tasting at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort.

colfondo bele casel hawaii

May 26 – The last day in Hawaii. Tasting at the restaurant Spago at the Four Seasons on Maui.

prosecco bele casel hawaii

May 27 – Flowering has begun in the vineyards in Caerano. If everything goes well, the harvest will begin during the first ten days of September. Here are the dates of flowering from past years:

May 21, 2015, May 22, 2014, June 6, 2013, May 29, 2012.

prosecco asolo docg

May 28 – Working in the vineyards, you always discover new life.


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