Steakhouse fare and Prosecco? Why not?

Steakhouse menus aren’t just about steak. There are also so many classic dishes that pair well with Prosecco.

We were so thrilled to learn that our wines are being poured by-the-glass at 555 East American Steakhouse in Long Beach in Southern California. And not just because we love that part of the world so much.

We were also tickled to find out that a wine like ours is being poured in popular and classic American steakhouse, where you tend to find wines lists that are dominated by “by red” wine and mostly California red wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma County, with a smattering of Super Tuscans from Italy thrown into the mix.

Yes, it’s true. There’s nothing to be surprised about: After all, people who dine regularly in steakhouses need something else besides big, bold, and super charged Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. People often go to restaurants like that to celebrate a special occasion.

But it got us thinking about how many dishes there are in the classic steakhouse menu culinary canon that would go great with Prosecco.

One example is the classic wedge salad above, with crispy bacon. And the Caesar salad, another standby in this category, is an ideal pairing for Prosecco. Between the anchovies, the lemon, and the Tabasco in the dressing (at least in the canonical dressing) you have all the right elements to pair with bright, fresh Prosecco with its vibrant acidity and gentle citrus and elegantly bitter flavors.

And beyond the salad (the classic spinach salad with bacon is another that comes to mind), there are other great appetizers that will pair gorgeously with Prosecco.

Raw oysters? CHECK!

Jumbo shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce? CHECK!

And depending on the region of the United States, you KNOW there is going to be something fried on the appetizer menu, like mozzarella sticks or fried jalapeños, etc. etc. etc.

Image via the 555 East Steakhouse Facebook.

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