Snails and rain in the vineyard: Prosecco Diaries June

Snails are a great sign in the vineyards. It means that there are no chemicals. But rain creates big challenges for organic farmers like us.

June was a really difficult month for us. Rain every day, concentrated mostly in the afternoons. We are talking about 200mm of rainfall in 30 days. And I remind you that 255mm fell in May.

We were only able to spray the vines when the weather permitted us to enter into the vineyards planted to Glera. Problems on the bunches, due to so many hours of being wet, began to emerge.

We trained the vineyards and trimmed the canopy making sure to aerate the bunches. Those who practice organic farming have to make this type of vineyard management a priority.

It rained during flowering. And it rained during fruit-set. We are very concerned.

The challenge to deliver a great Asolo Prosecco docg Superiore has only just begun.

June 2 – Happy Italian Republic Day!

festa repubblica vigneto

June 6 – A lot of rain in a short period of time. This is the result: A small landslide in our vineyard in Monfumo.

frana monfumo

June 10 – We’ll let you in on a little secret. This is why grape growers stay so slim.


June 11 – A magnum of our ColFòndo paired with oysters at one of our favorite wine shops, Biondivino in San Francisco.

colfondo ostriche

June 13 – Snails in the vineyards. Maybe it’s because we were awarded the Slow Wine “snail” prize last year?

chiocciola slow wine glera

June 14 – Here’s a photo of that damned peronospora.

peronospora glera asolo

June 16 – We finished “topping” (i.e., trimming) the canopy of the vines in Cornuda. Sometimes it’s a real luxury to be able to work seated atop a tractor.

cimatura glera

June 30 – The order for Moore Brothers is ready to go!

asolo prosecco usa

Author: Bele Casel

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