Bureaucracy in the cellar: A winemaker’s rant

Here’s a post from winemaker and grape grower, who was blowing off a little steam after a day stuck in the cellar doing paper work. It seems that the hardest part of making wine isn’t working in the vineyards or making or racking the wine in the cellar. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye and a lot of it is pretty darn tedious!

Believe me: It’s a lot more difficult to manage your “papers” in the office than it is to do your work in the cellar. Here’s a list of all the things that need to be done when it comes to “bureaucracy in the cellar”:

– harvest registry
– bulk wine registry
– packaged products registry
– third party registry
– sparkling wine registry
– carbonated wine registry
– bottling registry
– hazard-analysis and critical control points
– official seals
– invoices
– forms for wine purchases and international shipping
– sales receipts
– sales tax registry
– registrations and accounting
– farming registry

And then there are all the government monitoring agencies:

– NAS (Anti-Adulteration)
– Anti-Counterfeiting
– Health Department
– Tax Control
– Customs
– Consortium
– Chamber of Commerce
– Appellation Certification
– Forestry Ministry
– Township Oversight
– Agricultural Payment Mangement
– Organic Certification

And all this bureaucracy and it’s not like we are making bombs! We are making wine and that’s it!

Luca Ferraro

Image via Man of Taste’s Flickr (Creative Commons).

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