Slow Wine Snail and other good news in September: Prosecco Diaries

September was harvest month and it was also a period in which we received some great news.

The grapes are fantastic this year. The acidity is healthy, as are the sugar levels. The grapes tasty and even have a nearly salty flavor to them. We have really great expectations for this vintage.

Complete ripening that took place in different phases allowed us to manage our harvest with just the right pace and without any major problems.

We were thrilled to share the news that our family and Bele Casel in its entirety has won the Slow Wine Snail award for the second year in a row.

It’s hard to explain how proud we are. On October 15, we attended the official presentation of the Slow Wine guide in Montecatini, where all the winners poured their wines, including us.

September 5 – We taste the grapes to determine whether or not our impressions are correct.

glera asolo docg

September 7 – Our winery is featured in Saveur .

saveur magazine colfondo

September 8 – The harvest begins.

vendemmia prosecco asolo docg

We have some very important helpers this year. They are the third generation of Bele Casel.

vendemmia prosecco asolo

September 10 – We have the great honor of spending a day with Melissa Brauer aka The Prosecco Queen who came directly from Australia. In July 2015 she wrote that Bele Casel is one of the best examples of Prosecco from Italy (photo taken at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne), perfectly balanced, not too sweet, with notes of pear and a slightly creamy texture. “Delicious!” she wrote.

prosecco bele casel australia

September 12 – We are already getting ready for the November wine fair.

bele casel fivi

September 14 – The last load of Glera grapes for the day.

vendemmia glera

September 15 – It’s evening and another day of picking is done. The press has finished its cycle and now it’s time for it to be washed.

pressatura prosecco

September 16 – Another work day begins.

vendemmia prosecco

September 19 – Bianchetta trevigiana.

bianchetta trevigiana

And Perera from our Monfumo vineyard.


It seems that working in the Monfumo vineyard has its benefits!

vendemmia manuale prosecco

September 21 – We thought this would be our last day of picking but it turned out not to be…

vendemmia prosecco

So we took time out to wash our tanks.

pulizia vasche


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