Intravino, leading Italian wine blog, calls our Colfòndo its number one

Bele Casel Colfòndo is “powerfully representative” of the category and number one on their list, write the editors of Intravino.

It’s always a thrill and a source of extreme satisfaction for us when someone says that she or he likes our wine.

It’s an even greater reward when the editors of Italy’s leading and most clicked on wine blog, Intravino, write that our wine is number one (!) on their list of Top Ten colfòndo wines.

The post, published earlier this year, was part of their popular series entitled “Everyone Says” (of course it’s followed by the category of wine that they are covering, in this case, “Everyone Says Colfòndo”). And the subtitle is “Bignami” (for non-Italians or even Italian speakers not familiar with the publisher Bignami, it is best known for its summaries of works of literature, the “Cliff’s Notes” of Italy if you will).

It was also great to see that they took note of grape grower and winemaker Luca Ferraro’s highly active role in social media. Over and over again, Luca is mentioned by the press as one of the greatest examples of a winemaker using social media to raise awareness of his winery’s products. And it was no less rewarding to see him mentioned again by the very social media-savvy editors of Intravino.

Here’s what they had to say about the wine, the number one entry in their list of top ten colfòndo wines.

Bele Casel Asolo Prosecco Colfòndo

This wine is the first on our list not just because it deserves to be first but also because Luca Ferraro, the grape grower behind Bele Casel, is a bona fide agitpop on social media for the notion of Prosecco aged on its lees. And with this, we are saying that, indeed, his Colfòndo (be mindful of the accents!) is powerfully representative of the category. From the color alone, it announces its mission. Its nose starts out with fruity notes (white fruit) only to be transformed into something different, something totally different. It’s a classic example of winemaking philosophy that delivers wines in constant, glorious evolution.

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