Asolo Prosecco makes its mark: A GREAT post by top wine blogger Wine Folly

Asolo was often overlooked in mainstream media coverage of Prosecco. Today, top wine writers like Madeline Puckette are including Asolo Prosecco in their reviews and educational posts about Prosecco DOCG.

We were really thrilled to see Madeline Puckette’s excellent post, “The Proseccco Wine Guide,” on her immensely popular wine blog, Wine Folly (by most accounts, it’s the most widely read wine blog in the world at the moment).

Her overview of Prosecco, the grapes used to make it, how it’s made, how it should be served, and what it should be served with, are all spot-on. We also really liked her notes on sweetness in Prosecco and the role that sweetness plays in how Prosecco should be served and what it should be paired with etc.

But the thing that REALLY THRILLED us was her notes on WHERE Prosecco is grown and made.

For decades, wine writers, and even some of the top wine writers in the world, have completely ignored the Asolo DOCG, where some of the top Prosecco DOCG is produced.

Yes, Asolo is a much smaller production area and the number of producers and the volume they produce is significantly smaller than the other two townships that produce Prosecco DOCG, Valdobbiadene and Conegliano.

But as Madeline rightly notes in her post, our township is among the highest quality producers of Prosecco.

Have a look at her post and see the Prosecco production pyramid that she includes as a graphic.

As supporters, promoters, and lovers of our appellation and our sister appellations, we couldn’t be more thrilled that such a high-profile blogger like Madeline would (rightly) include our township.

And we hope you will consider Colli Asolani Prosecco for your New Year’s Eve toast this year.

Happy holidays to everyone and thanks for being here with us in 2016. Looking forward to 2017 in the U.S. (stay tuned for updates on the Bele Casel visit to the United States next year).

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