The FIVI fair is one of our favorite events of the year: Prosecco Diaries November

Just like every year, November is a month when we recharge so that we can begin one of the most important parts of our work: Pruning. And without a doubt, the best way to recharge is to participate in the FIVI wine fair. It’s one of those homes away from home for us, a place where we catch up with many of our friends. Here’s what else happened in November.

November 8: The sky over our vineyard in Cornuda.

vigna prosecco docg

November 18: Our Prosecco Extra Dry at Kona Wine Market in Hawaii.

prosecco bele casel hawaii

November 21: Nice coverage of Bele Casel by the Italian national daily newspaper Il Giornale.

stile il giornale

bele casel stile il giornale

November 26: The Italian Federation of Independent Grape Growers (FIVI) fair in Piacenza.

bele casel fivi

November 30: We begin pruning in our Cornuda vineyard.

potatura asolo docg

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