Col Fondo: Does it age well? A favorite wine writer shares her notes.

Prosecco in general is known as a wine that is meant to drink young and fresh. But Col Fondo defies all convention.

There are a number of reasons why Prosecco Col Fondo (like our Colfòndo) can age so well. The most important element is that the wine is aged on its lees. And the lees act as a natural anti-oxidant. We’ve had some really great results with Colfòndo that we have aged in our cellars and we’ve even entertained the idea of doing a Colfòndo vertical tasting at some point in New York. So stay tuned for that!

But in the meantime, we came across this wonderful post by one of our favorite American wine writers, Meg Houston Maker.

In her piece, she shares her tasting notes for a bottle that’s been aging in her cellar.

Thank you, Meg! For tasting the wine and sharing your impressions. Hopefully we’ll get to taste the wine together this year in the States or better yet in Asolo!

“This bottled reposed for a year in my cellar (see the earlier review, linked below),” she writes, “and time has pleasantly elaborated it. The body is cloudy and quiet, and its stony aromatics pose a complement to toasty biscuit and brioche. There’s also abundant almond and almond extract. This carries to the palate, which offers lovely savory leeriness and forest honey notes. Suggestions of hazelnut and deep umami add dimension. The finish is sweet, like sour honey. Really lovely.”

We are so glad you enjoyed the wine! Thank you!

If you have the opportunity to put a couple of bottles aside in your cellar, we are confident that you will be pleased with the results. In our experience, the Colfòndo only gets better and better and more nuanced over the course of time.

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