What a thrill for us to meet Alice Feiring in New York

We have so much to tell about our recent trip to the East Coast of the United States. But first things first: The biggest highlight of our trip was our meeting with Alice Feiring, the leading advocate for natural, organic, and biodynamic wines in the U.S. (and possibly in the world today).

Her books on natural wine (one of which has been translated into Italian by the editors of Slow Food and Slowine) have reshaped the conversation not only on natural and organic wines but also the very concept of what wine is and what role it plays in world culture today.

Every since we began our conversion to organic farming practices here at Bele Casel many years ago, we have seen our mission not only that of creating better and more wholesome wines but also of helping to revitalizing the land and our appellation — for us, for our children, and for future generations.

Alice is one of the rare wine writers who doesn’t just publish or post her tasting notes and reviews. She writes about wines in the “bigger picture.” Wine and food are something that we put in our body every day: Shouldn’t we be as careful with the wines we drink as we are with the food we eat?

She is one of our heroes and she is a hero and champion of a generation of grape growers and winemakers in Italy today.

Thank you, Alice, for spending some time with us.

That’s Alice, second from left, above, with our American blog master Jeremy Parzen on the right.

You can read Alice’s blog, signup for her newsletter, and find links to her books on her site here.

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