Millennials and wine: Researching the connection

Millennial and their approach to wine is a topic that is on everyone’s mind today after a Italian wine writer and celebrity sommelier published a widely read post.

In case you don’t know Adua Villa (and because she writes only in Italian, we realize that many of our American friends may not be familiar with her work), she is one of the most popular Italian wine writers and celebrity sommeliers working in Italy today.

It seems that the entire world of Italian wine (at least those who live and work online in the world of social media) is talking about a post she published today on one of Italy’s most widely followed wine-focused websites.

The title says it all: “Is there a formula that connects Generation Y (Millennials), trends, social media, and the world of wine?”

Of course, that’s the question that is on the minds of many of us in the Italian wine trade as we try to increase our reach and augment our sales in the U.S. where the Millennial generation has come to define the work of marketers and marketing strategists. After all, for there to be a future in Italian wine, we need to win over young wine drinkers who have an (adult) lifetime of drinking wine ahead of them!

Adua’s article was based on a recent study of Millennial wine drinking habits and attitudes and how they are reflected in social media. According to the findings, Millennials are looking for the following elements in the approach to wine (translation by our blog master).

– easiness
– comfort
– fun
– opportunity
– socialization
– openness
– curiosity and lack of accountability

We couldn’t have been more thrilled that Adua named Bele Casel as one of the wineries who has excelled in making strides among Millennials through the use of social media. She used the photo above from our Instagram as an example of our connection to Generation Y.

Thank you, Adua!

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