Wine Wankers, one of the world’s most popular wine blogs, features Bele Casel!

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to discover that Wine Wankers, two of the world’s most popular and most followed wine bloggers, featured Bele Casel’s Colfòndo on their Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s what Drew, one of the bloggers and social media users at Wine Wankers had to say about our Colfòndo:

“Trend alert! Bearded hipsters are about to go nuts once they discover Prosecco has a cooler brother; it’s a style called Col Fondo. It’s basically unfiltered Prosecco where the wine is sold with the dead yeast cells that caused it to become sparkling still in the bottle. It’s an ancient tradition making a revival, and it gives #prosecco lovers that want more flavour from their wine a reason to celebrate. This tasty version is from @bele_casel.”

The post on Instagram received more than 900 likes! Wow!

Thank you, Wine Wankers! We love your blog!

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