Wine Folly, America’s leading wine blog, features Col Fondo!

Wine Folly is the most popular wine blog in the United States today (and possibly in the English-language wine blogosphere.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to see this post from last week on Prosecco Col Fondo on Wine Folly, the popular American wine blog edited by wine blogger extraordinaire Madeline Puckett.

While Madeline creates most of the content on this award-winning site, she also now oversees a team of highly talented wine bloggers who populate its feed with excellent information on wines from across the world, including Italy.

Prosecco Col Fondo is still one of Italy’s most misunderstood categories and we couldn’t be more pleased to see that people — and especially young wine people like Madeline and her team — are talking about it!

The Prosecco Col Fondo post was by wine, food, lifestyle, and travel writer Amber Gibson, her first for Madeline’s excellent blog.

Thank you Madeline and Amber for the great content and thanks for taking time out to take a closer look at Prosecco Col Fondo and what makes it different from the conventional Prosecco that you see so much of in today’s American wine market. It’s bloggers like you who really make the difference!

And thank you for including Bele Casel!

Click here for the post.

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