Father’s day wine: Try something different this year!

Father’s Day wine doesn’t have to be red…Traditionally, fathers in America are given bottles of red wine for Father’s Day. This year, try a different approach: Give dad a bottle of Prosecco Colfòndo!

Kind of like “red wine with meat and white wine with fish,” it’s one of those old chestnuts in the wine trade that has yet to be debunked: Women like light white wine and sparkling wine and so you should give them white wines and Prosecco for Mother’s Day; men like “big” red wine and so you should give them their favorite Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon or Brunello di Montalcino for Father’s Day.

As Father’s Day approaches this year (Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18), we encourage you to “think outside the box” and tear down this unfair stereotype and discriminatory practice!

Joking aside, the holiday in America falls in June, when most of the country is already feeling the summer heat. Traditionally, people in America grill for Father’s Day. And while big, bold red wines are great for cooler months and for braised and stewed meats, the summer calls for lighter style wines and wines that are more refreshing. Who wants to open an oaky and tannic Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley on a day when it’s 100° outside?

As Americans grow more and more wine savvy with each year, more and more of these old stereotypes are being abandoned.

And just like the way people are serving red wine with fish more often and not reserving white wines solely for fish dishes and appetizers, we humbly suggest that you should give your dad a bottle of Prosecco Colfòndo this year: After all, with its savory character and its nimbly versatile character, it’s a great wine for a Father’s Day picnic or grill out.

Prosecco Colfòndo and grilled fish tacos for dad’s big day? Sounds great to us! This year give dad the gift of Prosecco Colfòndo!

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