SlowFood University hosts a Prosecco col fondo tasting on campus.

SlowFood is a leader in promoting awareness of authentic and highly localized Italian food and wine traditions. Nothing could be more Slow that Prosecco col fondo!

We were thrilled to learn that the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences was going to host a campus tasting of different bottlings last week. And we were even more pleased to learn that our wine would be one of the bottlings presented by the organizer.

Yesterday, the SlowWine and SlowFood blog featured a post about the tasting, the discussion, and the wines tasted, including tasting notes (see below).

A new generation of col fondo producers, wrote the editors of the Slow Food and Slow Wine blog, “has understood in order to make a good col fondo, you have to start with the best growing zones, with the best selection of grapes and everything that those bunches bring with them. You can’t disguise yourself or hide behind cultured yeast or dosage. In fact, this is the only way to confer nobility upon this rustic wine. The result is a living and breathing wine that ages over time. It can even undergo long-term aging. And it’s a representation of the appellation where it is grown and the vineyards and wineries where it is produced.”

And when you taste wines from one area as opposed to another, “even when they lie close together, you immediately can tell the difference at first taste.”

Here’s what the editors and organizers of the event had to say about Bele Casel Prosecco Colfòndo:

BELE CASEL — Asolo Prosecco Colfòndo 2016.

The vineyards are surrounded by woods and pristine countryside. They express their distinct flavor in the savory and deliciously citrusy notes of the wine.

The fact that the SlowFood University in Pollenzo (Piedmont, Italy) would host a tasting like this reflects the growing interest in Prosecco col fondo among connoisseurs, wine lovers, and wine trade observers. Nothing could be more Slow than Prosecco col fondo!

Image via SlowFood.

Author: Bele Casel

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