Fritto misto, the ultimate pairing for Prosecco Colfòndo?

Fritto misto is arguably the best pairing for Prosecco Colfòndo, write the editors of Cronache di Gusto, one of Italy’s most popular food and wine blogs. Our wine was their “wine of the week” last week!

Before you pour [Bele Casel’s Prosecco] Colfòndo in the glass, it’s good to delicately shake the bottle. Or even better, take a cue from the name written upside down on the label and turn the bottle upside down so as to allow the lees in the sediment to be mixed in with the wine.

The color that you see is rich straw yellow, with a slight cloudiness to it. The nose is intense and direct, with a wide range of white fruit aromas. There are also delightful citrus notes and tenuous hints of yeast.

The wine is fresh in the mouth, with good texture, savory and with a linger finish. And it delivers on the promises of the nose, especially when it comes to the citrus component.

The fizziness is moderate and the alcohol content is not too high (at around 11 percent). This makes the wine especially approachable and you’ll find that a bottle empties itself magically in just a few short minutes.

It’s excellent as an aperitif. In fact, once you taste it for the first time, nothing else can really take its place. It pairs great with a number of seafood dishes, like fish crudos and octopus salad. But the best pairing is probably fritto misto with mollusks and shellfish etc. In this case, the savory character and the bubbles play an important role. Something everyone should try at least once in life.

Of course, you can also pair it with all kinds of dishes depending on your own taste and imagination because it’s an extremely versatile wine. A Prosecco that manages to combine terroir, tradition, roundness, and approachability. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a living wine, in constant evolution, capable of aging over time.

Click here for the complete review. Translated here from the Italian by our blogmaster.

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