Tex Mex tacos and Prosecco Extra Dry, a perfect pairing!

Tex Mex tacos and Prosecco Extra Dry, a match made in heaven.

There are tacos and then there are tacos…

In central Mexico, tacos are generally stuffed with meats, like pork, beef, or even sweetbreads or calf’s head or tongue.

Along the coast and in southern California, seafood is the preferred filling: shrimp and lobster and Pacific ocean fish like mahi-mahi.

But then as you head north in to the United States, the fillings veer toward the non-traditional, although they are generally inspired by the classics.

In California and Arizona, chicken is one of the preferred fillings, whether stewed and shredded or griddle-fired. These are generally the style of tacos that you will find across the U.S.

But then when you get to Texas, that country unto itself, there is the famous “Tex Mex” take on classic Mexican food, in other words, a blend or fusion of Texan and Mexican cuisine.

The tacos above are a great example: Corn tortillas stuffed with refried beans and sliced Texas avocado, sprinkled with shredded cheese, and topped off with a generous drizzle of very, very spicy hot sauce (the way they like it in Texas: hot!).

We generally prefer serving our Colfòndo or Extra Brut with southern Californian-style tacos. The sweet and sour nature of the marinades and toppings works well with the dry wine.

But when it comes to Tex Mex, the gentle sweetness of our Extra Dry works so well with the foods.

The classic pairing for tacos like these is not beer as many would think. It’s actually sweet drinks like the Mexican rice drink horchata or sweet tea, the ubiquitous beverage of the southeastern U.S.

The Extra Dry was brilliant with the tacos above. It had just the right notes of fruit and residual sugar to work perfectly with the spiciness of the hot sauce and the richness of the beans and avocado without being overwhelmed by the flavors or overwhelming the flavors. The perfect pairing!

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