Extra Dry Prosecco: “Making a Bellini with this wine is almost a crime…”

Extra Dry by Bele Casel: “Making a Bellini with this wine, whilst undoubtedly delicious, is almost a crime when it is so good “naked,” writes British wine expert Edwin Dublin, from London.

I recently poured the Bele Casel Prosecco Extra Dry at an event where I was working in Los Angeles and I was reminded of what a great wine it is.

Col fondo (colfòndo) wines, made using the ancestral method as opposed to the conventional Martinotti method for Prosecco, are so popular right now that we often forget that the Prosecco boom didn’t start with dry expressions of the appellation but rather sweet expressions. In fact, as much as the hipster wine community focuses on the former category these days, there’s a reason why 99 percent of the world still drinks Extra Dry: It’s because IT’S SO DAMN GOOD!

Joking aside, I was really impressed by the balance in this wine, which I hadn’t tasted for a long time (because I missed Vinitaly in 2017), between its not overbearing sweetness and just the right touch of classic bitterness and greenness, hallmarks of true Glera as vinified in Prosecco DOCG (No banana candy or sweet apples here, folks!)

I was reminded what British wine authority Edwin Dublin, who writes for the Berry Bros. & Rudd in London, had to say about this superb, approachable, but very classic expression of Prosecco.

“Making a Bellini with this wine, whilst undoubtedly delicious, is almost a crime when it is so good ‘naked.'”

“A deliciously soft and spritely white flower and greengage-fruited Prosecco with perfectly interwoven sugar…”

I couldn’t say it better myself. And it was gulped down gladly by nearly all the guests at the party — a fancy Los Angeles affair — where I was working pouring wine.

Jeremy Parzen

Author: Bele Casel

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  1. David Moore on 26 July 2017 at 14:20 Reply

    AGREED! The Asolo Extra Dry is one of the most popular wines we’ve ever carried (clearly LOTS of people love this styles of Prosecco – which probably makes Danilo happy:)

    We sell an average of 14,000 bottles a year. Sales HAVE gone down some since we started carrying the Colfòndo and the Extra Brut as they’re the “new, hip thing,” but the Extra Dry is a classic!

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