Our NEW Bianchetta vineyard!

bianchetta trevigiana grappolino

The history of Monfumo speaks for itself.
But it’s the Bianchetta Trevigiana grape that speaks the loudest.

It was this line of thought that inspired us to plant our new “Prà Grande” vineyard solely to this variety. It all began with a telephone call from a stranger who told us that there were 4,000 square meters of land for sale in our beloved Monfumo with five six rows of Bianchetta Trevigiana.grappolo di uva bianchetta trevigiana

We immediately called the owner and sealed the deal. That little patch of land became our own. The first harvest in September 2016 was on the lighter side and the vines didn’t do so well. They didn’t produce much fruit and some of the plants died. So we decided to grub it up and keep the two most healthy rows. And then we replanted in the spring of 2017.

terrazzamento a Monfumo

piantumazione a monfumo

The decision wasn’t the most prudent, financially speaking. But we were hopeful that if we worked hard enough, the gamble would pay off.

We had read that Bianchetta was once considered one of the best in Treviso province. Most had grubbed up their Bianchetta, according to historic sources, after the terrible frost of 1709. But until that time, it was considered one of the best wines.

 barbatelle bianchetta

(Small grafted cuttings of Bianchetta)

fresatura a Monfumo


(Plowing and cleaning the cuttings)

The hard part is deciding what to do with these grapes.

Should we make a still wine?
Should we make a col fondo?
A pas dosé Martinotti method wine?

We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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