Scarecrow in the vineyard: Sometimes the oldest and simplest methods are the best


Scarecrows are still highly effective, even in the time of modern technology and methods for discouraging animals from foraging in the vineyards.

This time of year is one of the most crucial and sensitive for any grape grower and winemaker. As harvest approaches, all of the year’s work, all of the year’s good or bad fortune, comes to bear. And in these final weeks (days, really) between now and the moment you begin picking the grapes, you’re entire year’s work is contained in those precious little yellow green berries on the vine (well, black and brown berries, if you are a red wine producer).

Now, more than ever, you have to do everything you can to protect your vines and their fruit from inclement weather, marauding animals who forage through your growing sites, and even people that may come and pick the grapes at night when no one is paying attention.

Even when there is no fruit hanging on a vine, animals can often enter into the vineyards and create havoc but messing with the stakes or the trellising, etc.

Today, there are so many methods based on modern technology for shooing away animals from the vineyard. Some of them do it by generating sounds or by generating reflections of light.

But when it comes to scaring away the proverbial “crows,” the tried, true, and trusted scarecrow is often a great solution for keeping unwanted visitors out of your vineyards.

We have dubbed this scarecrow “Bepi.” English-speakers and even Italian-speakers may not know that Bepi is not just a familiar and favorite diminutive or nickname around these parts. Bepi is also a name that immediately evokes humor and folklore. In fact, Bepi is often a character in jokes that people from Treviso and Veneto love to tell.

Well, this Bepi isn’t much of a joke teller but he sure makes for a great scarecrow! Just having a little fun in the vineyard, after all. Soon harvest will start and that’s when the real hard work begins!

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