Acidity levels help us to understand the wines we will make this vintage

Acidity levels are key to understanding when to pick which grapes.

This post was published last week before harvest began. Our English-language blog master was unable to translate it promptly because of hurricane Harvey which affected Houston, the city where he lives. We apologize for the delay.

It’s time to share our first impressions of this year’s vintage for the production of our Prosecco Asolo Superiore DOCG.

It’s been a hot and dry year but fortunately our vines haven’t been overly impacted. Even our vineyard in Cornuda has entered into the “adult” production phase, as you can see in the illustration below. The older a vine is and the deeper its roots, the more it manages to perform in difficult vintages like this one.

Yesterday [August 27] we began picking berries in different parts of the vineyard. And we then analyzed their sugar and acidity levels to determine the best time to pick the vineyard.


Cornuda: short rows, among our highest. The clone is Kober.
Acidity 7.9. We will begin harvesting early next week [current week].

vendemmia asolo docg

Cornuda, longer and lower-lying rows, the western part of the block. The clone is 420.
Acidity 8.9. In this case, we’ll need to wait a few days yet.

vendemmia asolo docg acidità

Cornuda, long and lower-lying rows, the eastern part of the block. The clone is Kober.
Acidity 8.9. Here again, we’ll have to wait for a few days before we begin picking.

vendemmia asolo prosecco

Marzemina bianca

Marzemina bianca, acidity 7.4. Definitely high-quality fruit. After sampling the berries and experimenting with vinification, we are convinced that we will be able to give our wines greater complexity with these grapes.

vendemmia prosecco asolo


Rabbiosa, acidity 16.5 This is definitely off the charts. It will probably take an extra 15-20 days to be able to manage such high acidity. For the moment, we’ll just take it one day at a time to decide when we should harvest this native grape of the Asolo hills.

vendemmia prosecco superiore

Here’s a video where some kids, with no experience at all, taste the must and tell us when we should pick the grapes.

Author: Bele Casel

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