Fiorella in San Francisco: A casual Italian with a kick-ass wine list!


Fiorella is a humble, casual Italian restaurant, write the owners on their website. But Fiorella’s wine program is world-class stuff!

Boris Nemchenok, one of the principal partners at Fiorella in San Francisco, is a veteran of the Italian food and wine industry in the United States, having worked on both coasts and at some of the highest-profile Italian restaurants in the country (including a stint at the legendary Otto in Lower Manhattan, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s pizzeria, just a stone’s throw from Washington Square).

At Fiorella, one of his latest projects (one of many), he and his team have put together a fantastic selection of casual Italian comfort food, ranging from Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizzas (traditional and creative), “Nono’s meatballs,” “Supplì al Telephono,” Cacio e Pepe (one our favorites), and countless other riffs on classic Italian cooking.

It’s the type of restaurant that’s so casual and so yummy that they encourage you to order to-go. (It’s incredible to think about how Italian food has become such a part of the American gastronomic canon that you can have Cacio e Pepe delivered to your home! In another era, the only types of food you could get delivery for were Asian — the iconic white boxes — and American-style pizza.)

But the thing that makes this place so unique and so extraordinary, frankly, is the awesome wine list, which features a fantastic selection of white wines from Campania and a Nebbiolo offering that reflects the owners’ predilection for old-school Barolo. Honestly, with mouth-watering homey comfort food like theirs and a wine list that looks more like the kind you’d find in a small town in Piedmont (and not in urban San Francisco), you really can’t go wrong.

We are so proud to be part of this superb program.

2339 Clement St.
San Francisco CA 94121
(415) 340-3049
Google map

Image via the Fiorella Facebook.

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